If the “War on Drugs” didn’t teach the governmental types anything about the backlash to dumb laws, then it’s inevitable we endure round two, “The War on Vaping”.

You don’t need a sociology degree to know that when the government harshly regulates and legislates something, it creates an underground market.

It’s been like that since the dawn of time. They persist in controlling every aspect of our lives. They can’t help themselves, it’s like a drug and, unfortunately, they’re getting worse.

What the government doesn’t realize is when they change the laws to unjustly regulate the vape consumer, they’re actually giving up control over the industry and our safety.

Right now, the government knows who has a license to obtain nicotine and who are the licensed producer of e-liquids for vaping. By changing laws and putting caps on nicotine levels, the government is inadvertently harming this safeguard that’s been put in place.

I was talking with our friend at The Picky Vaper and was reminded of the artistry that is involved in producing an e-juice. Creating e-liquids is precision science. Carefully measured ingredients using a jewellers scale create a safe and effective, not to mention tasty, nicotine delivery system that is 95% less harmful than cigarettes. Duplicated and bottled and cheerfully displayed on the shelves of your local vape store. What a wonderful world!

Trouble is when things go awry with do-it-yourself e-liquids when bans come in to effect. It’s not hard to get hurt when experimenting with making your own e-liquids. For instance, when adding nicotine, you’re one drop away from something that’s okay to something that’s poison. (Nicotine isn’t measured in drops anyway) And the mixing speed must be of sufficient RMP, 3,000, for a sustained period of time. The average home blender is not good enough to ensure proper mixing that won’t result in nicotine hot spots. That’s why the government regulating producers in 2018 was the right thing to do.

When people get hurt, then vaping will be to blame, not the regulation that pressed people to try and make e-liquids themselves. The story will be that vaping is bad and it will perpetuates until the whole darn thing is deemed too dangerous and must be made completely illegal.

By regulating this one thing, the nicotine cap, the government is setting the whole industry up for being deemed illegal. That’s the end game. The Bloomberg wet dream!

I’ve spoken to vape business owners and everybody wants to stay within the boundaries of the law but it’s getting harder and harder to hold on. Sometimes it’s not enough to just want to be of service and help people get off and keep off cigarettes. We know vaping saves lives.

Our flavor masters are as important to us as wine vintners, brew masters, perfumeries, cheese makers, cannabis growers, and all other craftspeople requiring specialized skills and creative pursuits. Let us not allow their importance to be diminished in the eyes of the law.

You’ll never hear me quote Elizabeth May of the Green Party but she quite rightly stated “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. Or maybe that’s their intention all along!

Who’s your favorite flavor master. Put a shout out to them and send some love!!

How many of you will go DIY, how many of you will look for black market sources? You don’t need to out yourself but go ahead and throw down a quick comment below.

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