Vapers from the Netherlands showed up loud and proud in opposition to the proposed flavour ban with largest number of responses ever collected in a public consultation on health matters now being extended to February 2nd.

The inquiry asked people if they agree with a ban on flavoured e-liquids for e-cigarettes, also known as vape flavours. Overwhelmingly the answer has been “NO”, citing 98.54% of respondents opposed the ban!

“Due to popular demand,” the consultation, which was due to end January 19th, has been extended to February 2nd, 2021 according to a statement published on the Government website.

With overwhelming evidence in favour of vaping and the importance of flavours, organizations such as the World Vapers Alliance (WVA) have seen first-hand how such bans are maligned to national smoking cessation efforts.

As Micheal Landl, WVA Director said, “I am delighted to see common sense and logic prevail. 98% of submissions against the flavour ban are a crystal clear message for the government: it is time to scrap this terrible idea and move on. Out of respect for citizens and on the basis of scientific evidence, dropping the flavour ban is the only possible way forward. Anything else would be a disgrace.”

It’s important to dispel the misconceptions that drive regulation and legislation, especially when almost three quarters (544) of all submissions to the consultation so far have cited smoking cessation as a reason not to ban vape flavours, according to WVA recent press release.

As Michael said, “anything else would be a disgrace”.


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