Watching Brent Stafford interview Daryl Tempest CEO of Canadian Vaping Association and you quickly understand that it’s the intention of the government of Canada to regulate vapers access to safe nicotine and reduce cigarette smokers to 5% by 2035. (1)

To be clear then, Health Canada intends to reduce smoking and reduce vaping. At the same time! Who are we kidding? I’m not sure what potion they’ve been consuming by this is no where near making sense in my view nor even doable.

Let’s inform them. Vaping is THE best way to cut down and get off cigarettes. The UK example stands as a strong testimony, whereby, with proper government support, they managed to reduce the vaper to smoker ratio from 1 out of every three in 2014 to one out of every two in 2019. (2)

The same could happen in Canada. With an estimated 4.6 million smokers (3) and the average medical bill for critical care of 300K per patient and a 50% chance that will be the case, it doesn’t take long to add up what a monstrosity of fiscal failure we’re creating. But you’re not a part of that, you’re a vaper, AKA, one of the smart ones!

What the government gives up in tobacco revenue, 8.3 billion combined Federal (41%) and Provincial in 2019, (4) is well saved in high end medical care for cancer, lung disease, heart disease, these kinds of things.

But they’re scared and the stakes are high. The magniloquent political heat gets to them and fries their brain. They can’t think straight because the lobbyist have them. They’re bombarded with false information designed to damage vapers. Some of it they willfully believe. The results are poor decisions that end up effecting our freedom of choice.

 And they counteract by treating vapers like second class citizens, expendables, if you will. The gall!

Regulator and legislators want to bury their heads and think we’re going to go away. Show them you’re not. Tell them you want choice and deserve to be treated as a human being, seeings how you’re an adult who files their taxes and pays their damn salaries. Tell them how shitty your life would be without vaping. Tell them how broke and destitute and not able to breath properly and enjoy your life you’d be. Don’t hold back,
now’s the time! Call or email one of these guys below right now

Your MP,

Your Federal Minister of Health,

The Health Ministry,


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