U.S. Federal Flavor Ban Imminent

By November 4, 2019News

The Trump administration remains committed to imposing a ban on flavored vapor products at the Federal level, according to recent reporting. An announcement of the ban could come as soon as this week. The ban would encompass all flavors except tobacco and menthol flavors. Presently unclear is whether the ban would also apply to flavors which incorporate tobacco along with other flavor enhancements such as vanilla, custard, et cetera, though their inclusion seems likely.

The federal flavor ban was first proposed back in September, at which time it was proposed to restrict all flavors other than tobacco, including menthol. The concession to allow menthol may be due to pushback from Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale, who reportedly warned the President that such an all encompassing flavor ban would not auger well for his reelection chances.

Pushback from engaged voters indicates that even the concession of striking menthol from the proposed flavor ban may not be enough to allow the U.S. President to avoid that outcome. The “We Vape, We Vote” movement has drawn mainstream media attention since the September announcement.

Whether, or by how much, President Trump will soften his position on flavored vapor products remains to be seen at this time. American vapor advocates, businesspersons, and consumers, have already organized a rally to protest the proposed ban, as well as to advocate for vaping more generally, scheduled for November 9th, 2019 in Washington, D.C.’s Ellipse Park. The rally will be hosted by the United Vapers Alliance.

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