Survey: Majority Of Canadians Support Vapor Ban

By November 14, 2019News

A survey conducted by The Research Company has found that a majority of respondents are in favor of a temporary ban on vaping products.

Although respondents numbered only a thousand, 74 percent responded positively to the idea of their province implementing a temporary vaping ban resembling the one implements in Massachusetts. While support for such a ban is reported to be high across the country, it is paradoxically high in British Columbia, where 49 percent of respondents were reported to be strongly in favor with a further 24 percent in moderate agreement. Paradoxically because British Columbia has the highest percentage of active vapers in Canada, according to reporting from The Vancouver Sun.

Readers should bear in mind that only one thousand people, in a country with a population of roughly 37 million, is a relatively trivial sample size. Furthermore, the sample selection methodology of the study is currently undisclosed. In less technical terms, we don’t know on what basis people were chosen for this study or how the questions were worded. Those are points which can have a major impact on survey results.

Methodology aside, the impact of a survey’s findings in public perception can sometimes be the objective more than educating the public or policy makers is. This survey and its findings, with such a small sample size and with undisclosed respondents selection methods, deserves further scrutiny.

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