PC MLA Cory Deagle of Prince Edward Island is pushing for the island’s local government to raise the minimum legal purchase age for vapor products from 19 to 21 — or to ban the products altogether.

Deagle went on record saying:

“Being around the rink and the soccer fields all the time, I’ve seen youth first-hand that have started vaping, and it really has become an epidemic, I believe.”

He cited a study which purports to show a 74 percent increase in underage use of vapor products from 2017 to 2018. The Canadian Cancer Society is also pressing the Prince Edward Island government for the age increase. The government, however — at least in the person of Health Minister James Aylward — is not yet on board. Said Aylward:

“We’re not quite at the stage yet where we would either increase the age or outright ban [vaping].”

Aylward and his department remain focused on age verification enforcement actions for now, sending “mystery shoppers” to retailers to check for compliance with age laws, according to reporting from the CBC.




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