OPINION: Journalistic Irresponsibility; Or, What We’re Up Against; Or, Anti-vaping is PRO-TOBACCO

By October 24, 2019News

DISCLAIMER: This is an opinion piece. My opinions here are not the opinions of my publisher, Canadian Vapor Magazine;  nor do they necessarily reflect the opinions of the press as a whole. And my opinions here are bound to be… well, let’s say, heated. That’s a byproduct of me having a problem with lies. I don’t like lies masquerading as “news.” So I may go a little, “Dr. Gregory House” here.

Nevertheless, I must in good conscience present them because, if I do not, opinions presented as “news” which I find to be utterly vile and insane will have an airing unopposed, and that I cannot abide.

This morning, on Houston Today, a piece was published entitled, very simply: “Vaping kills.” As you might imagine, from the title, the piece is utterly skewed, utterly biased, and chock-a-block with opinion based on an abysmal lack of education or experience.

You might be wondering why I would tackle a piece like this. Well, it’s simple — if we don’t tackle pieces like this, we leave them standing without opposition. And if they stand without opposition, people will see them as being unopposed and therefore as truth. Well, pieces like this are not the truth, and so we have to kick them down for being untruthful. If we don’t,  no one else will, and if no one at all does, then there are smokers who will see them as ‘the truth’ (which they are not) and thus continue to smoke. Those are lives we don’t save, and that’s on us.

So let’s begin dismantling this 861 word lie.

“Vaping is not a safe alternative to traditional cigarette smoking.”

First lie, right in the first sentence. No one has ever claimed that vaping is ‘safe’. Only that it is ‘safer’. Notice that the author refuses to use the word ‘safer’ in his opening sentence, because that would have been easily refuted. Vaping is uncontestably safer than smoking.

“Some e-liquid contains varying amounts of nicotine, flavor and many other unlabeled chemicals.”

Wrong. All e-liquid manufacturers label the compounds in e-liquid. Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine, Nicotine, and flavorings. As Willy Wonka said, “Fax mentis, incendium gloria cultum,” et cetera, et cetera… Memo bis punitor delicatum! It’s all there! Black and white, clear as crystal!” We do know what’s in e-liquid, all consumers of e-liquid know what’s in it, and if this gentleman doesn’t know what’s in it, it’s because he’s never bothered to read a label, because it’s all right there. His laziness is not the industry’s problem.

“Unfortunately, the success of several years of the campaign against cigarette smoking is being reversed by e-cigarette use and particularly among youths.”

Again, as Willy Wonka said, “Wrong, sir! Wrong!” Even if Canada’s rates of underage vaping climb, (which we do not, by the way, condone) its rates of underage smoking has declined. It’s almost as if vaping is a gateway, if anything, away from smoking, not into it. And maybe that is what has tobacco dependence dependent authorities in such a bother. After all, fewer smokers means dwindling smoker-dependent tax revenue, hmm? Dwindling dependence on pharmaceutical treatments for smoking-related disease got you down? Why, just push for more youth and adults to go back to smoking! Well, no. We’re not having it. We’re not numbers, we’re not statistics, we’re people. We want out.

“Vaping kills and could kill you.”

No, it doesn’t. Not when you stick with regulated, quality-tested products. By any and all means avoid the black market THC products which have been sickening and killing people. But that’s not “vaping” in the generalized sense this idiot is promoting.

“The fact that some of the chemicals contained in e-liquids are not made known to the public is…”

…a lie. A big fat swollen pus-filled lie. Reputable e-liquid manufacturers do make their ingredients known. Propylene Glycol, as is found in medical facilities’ air filtration systems. Vegetable Glycerin, which is present in asthma inhalers along with Propylene Glycol. Nicotine, which you’d get from smoking. Flavoring, which you’d also get from smoking, many cigarettes containing either menthol and coumarin, or just coumarin.

“Some of these toxic chemicals are used in antifreeze, and some could cause cancer.”

He’s referring here to propylene glycol, which does indeed factor in as a chemical in anti-freeze. But propylene glycol is not, itself, poisonous. What he’s doing here is the equivalent of saying, “Don’t drink water, it’s poisonous because it’s an ingredient in hemlock!” He’s mixing up the component with the end result. Water isn’t toxic, even though it’s a part of things that are. Propylene glycol isn’t toxic, even though it’s a part of things that are. Either this guy is an idiot, or he’s hoping you’re an idiot. Which, even the latter would make him an idiot, either way.

“Long term exposure to diacetyl causes bronchiolitis obliterans (popcorn lung).”

Long term exposure to the raw, concentrated powdered version, sure. And what this nimrod leaves out is the fact that diacetyl is present in traditional combustible cigarettes at hundreds of times the concentration at which it’s present at even its highest detected concentrations in e-liquid. And nobody has ever contracted “popcorn lung” from smoking. Again, this guy is an idiot.

The rest, I think you can discern for yourself where the lies… well, lie.

The point here is that we each need to be vigilant against this kind of propaganda and, for the sake of the industry that has saved our lives, for ourselves, and for the sake of the lives of our loved ones, we need to utterly demolish this kind of propaganda wherever, whenever, it rears its head.

That 861 word lie was brought to you by the fine folks at Houston Today. Might I gently suggest that you go tell them what you think of their death-peddling propaganda.

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