Nova Scotia Vaping Regs Coming

By November 29, 2019News

Nova Scotia Health Minister Randy Delorey has signaled that the province will be the next to enact stricter vaping regulations next week.

Though Delorey was not prepared to divulge adults of the new regulations at this time, he did indicate that they could follow the general shape of regulation recently adopted on Prince Edward Island and in British Columbia. Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil, who suggested that future regulation in Nova Scotia could even include at least a partial flavor ban.

Said Delorey:

“We pay attention to all jurisdictions. We know where the concerns are and we are going to look at our legislation and craft what’s appropriate.”

If Nova Scotia does indeed follow Prince Edward Island’s example, that could include hiking the minimum age for purchase and possession of tobacco and vapor products from 19 to 21. It would also include a partial flavor ban as well as restricting where vapor products are sold.

If the new Nova Scotia regulation cribs from British Columbia’s newly minted guidelines, additionally, it could mean the imposition of a tax on vapor products of up to 20 percent, according to CTV.

Though the announcement is set for next week, the new regulatory package is still distant, not set for a vote until the spring legislative session.

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