The creators of – You Don’t Know Nicotine – pulled together a very complex subject and turn it into a plea for compassion and common sense and human decency. One of the oldest yet, most misunderstood substance, Nicotine, has largely remained a mystery, until now.

If you’re a user of nicotine, buckle up, because you’re about to be changed for ever. Excellent detective work unveils the people behind the plot to control and, hence, profit most from nicotine users. Where they seek to destroy, they seek to gain, so they seek to destroy. #YouDontKnowNicotine puts them on notice that we see what they’re doing.

This one blog cannot do justice to the film. So many topics are rolled in, it’s hard to cover it all at once. But if you believe there’s power in knowledge, a thorough look at different components of the nicotine industry, and it is an industry, is essential to your own well being.

The many topics in this jam packed documentary #YouDontKnowNicotine are ripe for further exploration. I’ll be delving into these topics and peeling back the layers of mankind’s 8,000 year obsession with it.

You will come to know that you not less then, weak, undisciplined because you crave nicotine. You have nicotine receptors in your brain!! And you deserve to be treated humanely and with compassion, like anyone else. I defy any government’s constitution to say otherwise. Stay tuned!

Let me know in the comments below, Have you seen – You Don’t Know Nicotine – and what did you think?

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