In an industry that can constantly be getting a negative spotlight, we need to remember to have fun and laugh and enjoy ourselves. A great remedy for this is to find hilarity and laughter out of the situations and remind everyone that sometimes being silly is a great way to bring a family together.

Dash Vapes has been producing content that stands out as one of the most recognized channels on YouTube in the vaping community. Dave is a great storyteller and has a huge sense of humor that everyone can enjoy. While we are all being slammed with warning labels and restrictions and threats of flavor bans, we’ve got to remember to have fun and stick together as a family.

Dash Vapes has 100s of videos on their YouTube channel dedicated to educating and sharing knowledge with the vaping community. Everything from scientific breakdowns, to product reviews, and proper etiquette. I highly recommend checking out their content, it’s easy to spend a few hours cruising through their library of videos.

For the main attraction in today’s post, a comedy sketch! Check out this short called My Stange Addiction to Vaping, a Dash Vapes Original.


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