Wilfrid Laurier University has announced plans to ban both traditional cigarette smoking as well as use of vapour products on all of its campuses and properties effective July 1st, 2019. Laurier’s primary campus is located in Waterloo, Ontario; its secondary campus is located in Brantford. The university also maintains offices in Kitchener and Toronto.

The ban will affect all areas owned, leased, or controlled by the university, including both indoor and outdoor areas, and will apply to combustible tobacco products, cannabis, and all vapor products.

According to Acting Vice President: Finance and Administration Tony Araujo:

“There are proven health benefits that arise from living, working and studying in a smoke-free environment. Laurier is joining a large number of Canadian post-secondary institutions in enhancing the health of our communities through smoke-free policies.”

Exemptions to the policy are expected to be made in order to accommodate the use of tobacco as part of recognized religious observance, and Araujo has stated that students and faculty will receive orientation regarding the new policy:

“As the fall term approaches, we will be hosting educational workshops and other activities to help the Laurier community become familiar with the new policy and how to comply with it. We will focus on the health benefits of a smoke-free environment and the health implications of using tobacco and cannabis.”


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