DashVapes’ founder and President Shai Bekman released a statement calling on Canada’s Provincial Health Ministers to avoid being misled by sensationalist and obscurantist media headlines regarding the recent emergence of acute lipoid pneumonia cases in the U.S. and Canada.

While headlines often link these cases to “vaping” in an unprofessionally broad fashion, Mr. Bekman reached out to Health Ministers to clarify that the culprit products are indeed quite specific in nature and not related to professionally produced nicotine vapor products.

“The Centers for Disease Control has determined that almost all of the current health issues are linked to people vaping THC-based [cannabis] products, and other Black Market products that are not manufactured in a quality-controlled laboratory.”

This is the central distinction to be made. Regulated products are not the same as unregulated products. Legitimate products are being unwisely thrown onto the same pile with the actual culprit behind this crisis. Ironically, this has led, in the U.S., to knee-jerk reactions from officials which could deny consumers access to legitimate products and drive them to consume products from the same illicit sources which are actually to blame.

Mr. Bekman shares this logical concern, saying:

“We are seeing governments at the provincial and municipal levels, right down to local police departments, making rules to put vaping stores out of business, without adequate investigation of the so-called public health crisis caused by vaping.”

Mr. Bekman also suggests a strategy by which investigators should determine one from the other:

“Where a patient claims to become ill from vaping, that e-cartridge should be sent for forensic analysis. A physician should confirm what was in the vaping cartridge—in the interest of public health—and not hide behind doctor-patient confidentiality.”

Sound public policy should — in fact, must — be built on a bedrock of accurate information which is fully understood by policy makers who then craft policy based on logic, not on panic.

“In my letter to the Ministers, I encourage ministers of health, public servants, and the media to seek better and clearer information to educate the public.” says Mr. Bekman.

DashVapes’ open letter to Canadian Ministers of Health can be read in full via the courtesy of Newswire.ca.


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