CVA, the Canadian Vaping Association, is urging the government of Quebec to provide consumer education about vaping. Specifically, the CVA is advocating that the government clarify to consumers the difference between legal and safely manufactured nicotine vapor products and the illegal THC products responsible for the recent spate of respiratory illness which first erupted in the United States but has now emerged in Canada as well.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control has finally issued the same clarification to American consumers, though some American media outlets have yet to correct their reporting to accurately reflect that clarification. Canadian consumers would expectedly react with concern to these headlines; therefore, the Canadian Vaping Association hopes to prevent Canadian consumers from returning to combustible tobacco or turning to dangerous black market products themselves.

CVA Executive Director Darryl Tempest said in a statement:

“We at the CVA share the deep concerns of Canadians about the recent cases of lung illnesses, particularly among youth. It’s critical that health authorities get to the primary source of this outbreak as non-nicotine e-liquid vaping devices sourced on the black market have been implicated in many cases. Vape products have been proven by the Royal College of Physicians to be at least 95 per cent less harmful than combustible tobacco, and have been a lifeline for many smokers, resolved to quit or significantly reduce their tobacco consumption.”

According to Cision Newswire, the Canadian Vaping Association has also devoted focus to counteracting the trend of illegal underage vaping by promoting the removal of vapor products from general admittance retailers such as grocers, pharmacies, and convenience stores, as well as prohibiting any marketing of vapor products beyond the confines of age restricted retail locations such as dedicated vape shops, tobacconists and possibly liquor stores.


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