Colonel Gray HS Implements Vaping Crackdown

By November 5, 2019News

Charlottetown’s Colonel Gray Senior High School, on Prince Edward Island, has instituted a crackdown on vaping by students. Students caught with vaping products on school property will now see their devices confiscated — and not returned. According to Parker Grimmer, Charlottetown’s Public Schools Branch director:

“It’s against the law. It’s not to be done on school properties, by any of us — you, I, or anybody. So to say, ‘Well it’s okay for a student to,’ is not where high schools are at right now.”

Grimmer explained Charlottetown schools more hardcore approach thus:

“As we continue to move on and become more and more aware of the dangers of this product, there’s an expectation that schools will be more and more rigid.”

While this rigidity may hold true at Colonel Gray Senior High School, Charlottetown Rural High School is taking a somewhat more moderated approach; students caught vaping at Charlottetown Rural for the first time receive a warning, a lecture on the purported dangers of vaping, and parents are notified. After a first offence, however, those students then also have their devices confiscated, but then see them returned at the end of the school day. Charlottetown Rural Principal Dale McIsaac explains:

“It belongs to them, and if they promise not to use it on school property, we give it back to them. They own it. As a school system, we’re not in the enforcement business. We’re not very good at the enforcement business. We’re in the education business.”

According to the most recent survey, as reported by the CBC, 17 percent of Prince Edward Island students self-reported using vapor products in the preceding 30 days. Unreported is whether these students were engaging in experimentation or regular use.

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