As politicians, public “health” organizations, and the media in the United States continue accelerate their efforts to strangle the vapor industry in the United States — and threaten to send millions of vapers back to the deadly habit of smoking combustible cigarettes — there remains one viable source of life saving tobacco harm reduction for Americans: Canada.

Why the American marketplace has become so hyperregulated compared to Canada’s is a topic for another post at another publication. The fact of it, however, is indisputable. At first blush, this appears to leave American manufacturers and distributors of vapor products, from mods to e-liquid, deep in the jaws of a nasty conundrum. Consumers who rely on those goods, likewise, could face an equally distasteful choice: give patronage to the black market which is sure to follow, or go back to smoking deadly combustible tobacco products.

Or so vapor-adverse politicians, health groups, and media might hope.

In reality, because Canada is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, its policies are aligned with England’s — including England’s perspective on vaping. For those readers who are unaware of this, it was England’s Royal College of Physicians who found that vaping is ~95% less harmful than smoking combustible cigarettes. Policy regarding vaping, arising from that finding, has been markedly friendlier than policy from U.S. public health entities.

What this means for U.S. manufacturers and distributors facing the possibility of further municipal, county, and statewide bans on segments of the vapor industry — even the possibility of bans at the federal level — is quite straightforward: survival of their businesses may well depend on expatriation of the business itself to their northern neighbor.

What this means for consumers may be another story; it may take a touch longer, and cost a touch more, to continue to purchase the products you know and love. But that’s a minor inconvenience at most, and surely better than black market alternatives of dubious quality or, at worst, going without entirely and relapsing into the habit you switched to vaping to get away from.

It’s not overstating matters to say that with the acceleration of statewide bans — New York and Michigan have already enacted them, and more are surely coming — the time for business to migrate to friendlier locales is right now.


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