The Province of Ontario finds itself weighing the benefits against the drawbacks of a ban on flavored vaping products. While such a ban would ostensibly be aimed at deterring minors from using vapor products, authorities in Ontario acknowledge the flavors play a role in helping adult smokers switch.

Said Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliot:

“Many adults who are using vaping as a smoking-cessation tool like flavours, so this is something that we are still studying.”

Ontario isn’t the only province considering a flavor ban. Such a measure is also under consideration in Nova Scotia, in the absence of a flavor ban at the Federal level. The United States has only just dodged a flavor ban of its own – for the time being.

British Columbia now stands as the province with the harshest regulations regarding vapor products. Those regulations require warnings on packaging, advertising restrictions, nicotine strength limits, and restrictions on where flavored vapor products may be sold. Moreover, at least a partial flavor ban is planned already in British Columbia. It’s passage is a certainty even if its future effective data remains uncertain, according to the Globe and Mail.

The Canadian Vaping Association has urged reflection, restraint, and focus when it comes to crafting public policy on vaping, pointing out that illegal youth vaping comes down to, “irresponsible marketing, promotion and accessibility of certain vape brands in non-age restricted businesses.”


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