In what can only be described as an act of recklessness and sadism, two Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania youth induced a two year old boy to vape, while filming the incident and laughing at the child’s discomfort.

A mother, who requested to remain unidentified for reasons of privacy for herself and her child, engaged the babysitting services of a 17 year old female. At some point, the 17 year old’s 18 year old friend joined her in the home where the guardianship of the two year old child had been contracted. Though details reported to CNN and related by Deseret News are scarce, what is clear is this:

At some point during her engagement in the home, the 17 year old babysitter and her 18 year old friend provided the the 2 year old boy in her care with a vape containing 30mg strength nicotine e-liquid. The brand of even type of device is not specified, but at 30mg strength, it’s likely that it was salt nicotine based. The two teenagers then began filming the toddler. When the toddler then inhaled from the device, a coughing fit and tears followed — at which point, the teenagers laughed.

It’s difficult to read or hear of that kind of behavior and restrain outrage and anger. Behavior like that is irrational, cruel, and utterly devoid of even a vestige of ethics. As much as readers should be drawn to sympathize with the 2 year old, we might also feel pity for the 17 and 18 year olds, who received an upbringing so utterly lousy that they would find sport in behavior like this. Shorter and more simply, and let this not be mistaken as an excuse for their behavior: those teenagers were raised wrong.

Beyond simply filming the abuse of this child, however, the teenagers then uploaded the video, sharing it with the public via social media.

The child’s mother was unaware of the incident until she was informed of it by the Pennsylvania State Police, who were informed of it by an anonymous tipster through the state’s child abuse reporting mechanism Safe2Say Something. Responding to the incident, the child’s mother said:

“I’m in disbelief that they would even laugh or that they would even have something like that in reach of a child. No child should have that fear of going into someone else’s house and not being protected.”

Words can’t properly capture the discomfort, outrage, and anger that this incident brings to the surface. Our sympathy and best wishes go to the child and his mother in this case.


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  • cigarbabe says:

    These are the teens that groups like truth initiative & PAVE want to protect……..ugh.

  • M1zUnd3rst00d says:

    I was just wondering, was there any information released on this case (or any other cases involving these 2 teens) regarding the way that the teens had/have been brought up that wasn’t included in this article? Or was the statement made here about them having a poor upbringing purely speculation??
    There’s countless people that have been/are being raised in the most perfect situations who end up engaging in absolutely horrific acts & nobody can seem to figure out what could have possibly caused them to commit such acts & vice versa. Then, of course, there’s oodles of people that have horrific lives growing up & go from being the victim to being a perpetrator themselves- as well as the opposite situation here as well (people who’ve had the perfect childhood & upbringing who then continue to lead a happy & healthy lifestyle.
    Unfortunately, we can never know for sure which road each person will take throughout their lives- no matter how they are raised, what they are taught, etc, etc. Of course, many of us know that people who have suffered childhood trauma are at a significantly higher risk than those who haven’t of making poor choices throughout their lives, but it’s not a definitive factor for everyone!

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