Hi everyone. My name is Rob. My wife Jenn and I are the owners of an e-liquid company called 416 VAPES.

Our family moved to Creemore, Ontario a few years ago. This is our home! but while this is our home, our community has done so much in support of us since arriving and we constantly strive to give back any way we can. We love our community and the people in it!

Which is why we made the decision this week to open part of our lab dedicated to producing a hand sanitizer for people throughout the Creemore and Barrie areas – at a very affordable price. Our hand sanitizer is 99% USP grade isopropyl alcohol with vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol and it’s scent free. If you would like to purchase a bottle they are $5 for 60ML (tax included) on our homepage. Feel free reach out to me via DM on our Facebook page, and we can arrange pickup/delivery.

It is manufactured in an ISO7 clean room in our ISO9001:2015 facility with GMP / HACCP certification. COVID-19 has really affected everyone. And we know that clean hands are so important.

We have also committed to donating bottles to the local seniors residence.

Our company has tried tirelessly to contribute to the progress of advocacy efforts. We hope we can see the same response from others in the industry and community. If we all do our part we’re capable of great things. Remember that human beings are just one of the planetary species, and we’re in this together… We should do just fine!

Thank you all for your contributions and support in helping this effort deploy!

We invite you to stand with us – with a shout-out to our longtime business friends Canada e-clouds, who have also joined – in telling COVID-19 in the comments: “NOT TODAY!!!”

MESSAGE: We do endorse social distancing, and hope that everyone is staying safe and sanitary in this crisis. Please visit our website, and share this link if you can 🙂

Hand Sanitizer

** Stay tuned next week to see what David Ehmann and David Jones of Canada e-clouds have to say on the matter **


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