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It was sometime last year that Lost Vape a company probably best known for their somewhat higher end hardware most of which use Evlov DNA chips to regulate power, released one of the most celebrated boxpods on the market since its release, the Lost Vape Orion DNA Go. Since then they’ve followed up with a lower tiered device called the Orion Q which offered similar features but at a much lower price. For months it stood out as the standard for boxpod devices but eventually the market was flooded with similar offerings from nearly every other company out there. One thing however that set Lost Vape apart was their unwillingness to compromise on quality and materials which is why the cost of one of their devices tends to be a bit higher than the average mod. I was a huge fan of the Orion DNA Go and continue to use it to this day so I was quite thrilled to hear Lost Vape announce a new addition to the Orion line of devices. It’s called the Lostvape Orion Plus DNA pod kit and it comes with some much-anticipated updates and features. Subscribe today to view the full article and many more.

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