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Canadian Vapor is a digital media company and magazine, created to serve you in every way possible. Our readers enjoy the most interactive industry publication ever created for vapers and business entities. With online reach into 100+ countries around the world, and pageviews in the 10’s of thousands per month, we are here to set YOUR global stage, and have a true mission to platform fully interactive digital marketing avenues and cross promotion for everyone, free of biases and advocacy or industry divides.

Trade Associations, Advocacy Organizations, & Expo’s are openly welcome to partner with us as (one of) your official trade and/or consumer publication, offering not just complimentary in-book article space to spread your message and efforts, but full spectrum cross promotion through our social media and email networks and added discounts on advertising space for any business members you represent. ** This is our gift to you and your membership!! **

If you’re a brand, liquid lab, hardware manufacturer,  or approved consumer product – Our team produces some of the most beautiful feature article layouts you’re likely to see in our industry, and our response for advertisers has never been higher. All at extremely competitive and affordable rates.

If you’re a shop, we have video flip-through’s for your T.V.’s, Shop discount/coupon sections in each magazine to help push walk-in revenue, and if you have a high conversion website – we can certainly help drive consumer visits there too! Also a *FREE* locator map for you to place your business right on our homepage.


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