This month, Canadian Vapor Magazine is proud to shine a spotlight on a very important new grassroots advocacy organization and the man who founded it: I Vape, I Voted and its creator Trevor Campbell. What follows is a brief excerpt from that piece.

Starting from life in foster homes at only eleven years old, Trevor Campbell has been building business relationships. From those first ventures making $240 a weekend by detailing cars, he has built a business empire: Three Cash 4 Gold stores, nine Vapor Unlimited locations, five Smoke Shop Unlimited storefronts, as well as a Campbell’s Coins, a miniature golf course, and Banks Recycled Textbooks. The aphorism of “pulling oneself up by one’s bootstraps” has probably rarely if ever been so solidly personified as it is by Trevor Campbell.

Life started tough for Campbell, and he fought back. But life wasn’t done fighting him. As a young adult, running a growing business empire of his own making, he started another kind of empire: a family. But life had been planning its next strike. As a young married man, Trevor Campbell saw smoking take his father in law from his family. Mouth and throat cancer as a result of smoking took the man from them.

In the aftermath of their loss, the family began to collect and organize the man’s belongings. In the process, Trevor discovered something the man had left behind; an e-cigarette. Intrigued by the object, Trevor gave it a try, and a radical shift came over his perception of nicotine. It worked. Whatever this thing was, it worked.

Trevor was so impressed by the technology that he set out to learn more about it — first, the basics, then a deep dive into the technology, how it does what it does, and the effect it had been having on smokers and ex-smokers. Seeing the potential in the new disruptive technology, he invested $76 thousand U.S. dollars into the creation of a lab to make e-liquid of his own. That was the birth of what would become Vapor Unlimited.

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